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We offer Solar panel installation solutions are designed to suit yout needs. Contact us and find out how our solar solutions help get FREE electricity from the sun and save money on your power bills.

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We can assist you every step of the way from a free quote through to any rebates or tariffs you are eligible for. Competitive rates, Professional staff and expert solar panel installation. At GMA Solar we deliver quality fully functioning solar systems. Quality workmanship and exceptional service has led us to gain many satisfied clients read more >>

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Gold Coast and Brisbane Solar Panel Installers

Installed to Australian Standards

We install Solar panels and Grid Connect for both Residential and Commercial Clients on the Gold Coast and Brisbane using the best quality and most efficent solar panels and components available.

  • Inverters:
  • Aurora Inverters: Arguably the best inverter in the world due to maximum flexibility, with the power to start your system at 1kW and add one panel at a time all the way through to 2kW, 3.6kW, 4.2kW, 5kW or 6kW depending on your needs and on which model you install, also breaks the old traditions where you are forced to use a narrow range of configurations.
  • Aurora inverters are extremely highly efficienct, super fast real time Maximum Power Point Tracking, and a never before seen ultra wide input voltage window of 90 to 580 Volts, gives annual yields far and above the nearest competition: More output on cloudy days, more output on hot days, more output whatever mother nature delivers. Read More >>
  • JFY: Jfy have become the qualified supplier of several large solar power system integrators and Telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Developing Leading technology and highly reliable products. Jfy build quality solar components to the maximum standards with optimum reliability and performance. View products specifications
  • SMA: SMA German solar inverters engineered to be one of the worlds best, also available if requested. Read More >>
Teir 1 Panels - JFY Inverter Total Cost Government Incentive Total out of Pocket
2.0 kilowatt system 5661 1435 4226
3.0 kilowatt system 7290 2170 5120
4.0 kilowatt system 9797 2870 6927
5 kilowatt system 11002 3605 7397

*All prices are inclusive of GST.
**Government incentive is based on the current market value and can change without notice.
*** Prices may vary due to complexity of installations.

Tilt racking: 200 per kW
Two storey: 200
Split aray: 200
Upsize inverter: 500 per kW
Dual Tracker: 450
Gold class inverter Aurora / SMA additional $900.00

Note All Prices include GST and Credit Card incurrs 1.5% additional

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