• Good reasons to go Solar
  • save thousands on your electricity bill
  • Gold Coast Solar Experts
  • Free energy from the sun

How we can help

  • Design a Solar System to suit your needs
  • Offer expert advice
  • Install Solar Panels to gain maximum efficiency and returns
  • We can help you to save money on your power bills. Contact us for details

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Why should I use Solar Energy?

Power your Home and/or Business for Free from the Sun!

Solar technology is constantly improving. Solar installations increase by an estimated 50% each year, the majority of which are residential. Thousands of Australian's are saving money of their electricity bills.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Solar panels do not release anything into the atmosphere
  • You are not required to connect to the power grid - you can be completely self-sufficient!
  • Solar panels are extremely reliable
  • Thousand of hours of power with little or no maintenance
  • The only renewable energy source which is completely silent
  • Sell any excess electricity you generate

Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to convert light into electricity. The process of extracting electricity from light is called Photovoltaic (PV) and the PV process converts solar energy directly into electricity.

Climate Smart

Online resource that helps you save even more money on your power bills every year. It is customised for your home, using information gahtered from qualified electricians. Read More

Cloudy Days

Solar panels can output their peak during a cloudy weather. When the sun shines through a gap in the clouds, solar panels receive both direct sunlight and the light reflected from the clouds.